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Lolita Stories

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: X-Andrew-WideReply: netnews.alt.sex.stories,netnews.alt.sex.motssX-Andrew-Authenticated-as: 0;andrew.cmu.edu;Network-MailReceived: via nntppoll with nntp; Fri, 12 Jun 1992 14:43:14 -0400 (EDT)Xref: crabapple.srv.cs.cmu.edu alt.sex.stories:326 alt.sex.motss:1142Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories,alt.sex.motssPath: andrew.cmu.edu!crabapple.srv.cs.cmu.edu!fs7.ece.cmu.edu!news.sei.cmu.edu!cis.ohio-state.edu!magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu!usenet.ins.cwru.edu!news.ysu.edu!do-not-reply-to-pathFrom: SILVERIQUCDN.QueensU.CA (Silver Tiger)Subject: REPOST: Dorm Encounters XIV: Down By the RiversideMessage-ID: Sender: newsnews.ysu.edu (Usenet News Admin)Nntp-Posting-Host: qucdnaOrganization: Queens University at KingstonDate: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 16:01:02 GMTLines: 197Dorm Encounters XIV: Down By the RiversideIntroduction:Near the main part of campus, mostly hidden by a grove oftall northern pines, is a small river that runs along the edge ofcampus boundaries. I have found this to be one of the few placeson campus where I can go to be by myself and think. More oftenthan not, I am the only person there and the solace and peacethere is more than pleasurable.There have been times when I was not there alone, though.One time in the middle of the spring, I decided late one nightthat I needed some peace and quiet and headed across campus tothe river.Upon arriving there, I sat down high up above the river andsat, staring at the water lazily wash by. Thinking I was alone,I lay back and began to hum softly, truly relishing the quietnight. Suddenly, my ears picked up a low moan coming from thesandy beach along the riverfront. I sat up and looked down.There, kneeling in the sand, was a young boy, perhaps sixteen orseventeen, oblivious to my presence. He was moaning softly andappeared to be swaying in the sand. I began to become veryinterested and watched him closely. As my eyes adjusted to themoonlit beach, I realized that he was rubbing his crotch withboth hands. I immediately became interested.As his caresses got more intense, he unzipped his pants (Iheard this more than I saw it) and he began making love to hisyoung cock with earnest. Still oblivious to my presence, he laidback in the sand until I could see his stiff cock arching fromhis small pubic thatch. He was running his hands all over hisnaked chest with one hand, pausing to tweak his nipples. Hisother hand was busy bringing pleasure to his cock and balls as itroamed from one another in a causual but intense way.He moved both hands to his cock and began thrusting his hipsinto the air as he beat himself furiously, and shortlythereafter, Lolita Stories an enormous arc of semen flew from his cock andarched back, hitting him square in the face. He came Lolita Stories for sometime, each spurt carefully aimed at his face until he could comeno more. He caressed his softening cock with one hand and wipedhis face with the other, licking the cum from it as he did so.He then lay there in the sand, breathing heavily until heregained his composure, dressed and walked down the beach towardstown.I never saw the boy again, but was so moved by his displaythat I beat myself to a furious climax right there on the spot.The Story Itself:Several nights ago, I found myself sitting at my deskstaring at some boring text book or another, wishing I wasanywhere but where I was. Lost in a daydream that most likelywas sexual, I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie by a knock atthe door. I said, "Come in!" and was surprised to see Stan, oneof the residents from upstairs standing at the door. We had madefriends with each other through class more than through living inthe same building, and though we knew very little about eachother, I had Lolita Stories always hoped we could develop the friendship alittle more."What are you doing studying on a beautiful night like this,Andrew?" he asked."I have no plans for the evening and thought I would get alittle work done. Doesn't seem to be progressing very well,though, I must admit. What's up with you?""About the same. I've been working on that assignment forDr. Schiller for hours now and have made no progress. Thought Iwould stop by for a chat since we've been saying for months thatwe wanted to chat about non-class stuff.""Cool. Pull up a chair. Want a coke?""No thanks. Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to gofor a walk. It's such a beautiful night and it seems a shame towaste it inside!" Stan commented."Done!" I cried, slipping into some comfortable walkingshoes. "Where to?""How 'bout down to the river. The moon looks prettyinviting down there, you know.""I thought the river was a well kept secret. You've beenthere?" I asked."Yep. Been there a couple of times. Never anyone around,you know."We headed out the Lolita Stories door and took off across the campus. Wetalked as we walked and slowly divulged a lot of personalinformation as we walked. I kept pace with him and as we walked,I began to study him carefully. The more I saw, the more Iliked. He Lolita Stories was six feet easily, maybe taller and had very softskin. The moonlight cast beautiful shadows on his body as hewalked and I thought that I caught a glimpse of a pretty fullbasket. His face was one of classic Greek features, chiselled,manly, masculine. His curly dark hair cascaded over his brow andspilled down the nape of his neck in a subtle but wild array.Truly, this was a handsome man.We arrived at the river. Now, there are two ways to get tothe beach. Lolita Stories One is to slide down on your ass, the other is to runand hope you can stop at the beach before you plunge in the icywater. We opted for the first choice and bounced laughingly downthe embankment. We arrived in somewhat of a heap at the bottomand sat down on the beach, about six feet from the water's edge.We talked about a lot of things for the next couple of hours, andwe edged closer together as the air got nippier. After asomewhat long pause as we each reflected on what we had beentalking about, I could stand it no more and put my hands on hisface, drew him close to me and kissed him lightly on the mouth.I jumped up and walked over to the water's edge and stood there,facing away from him."I'm sorry, Stan. I don't know what came over me, man. Ijust had to do that." I said, still not looking at him.After a few seconds, I heard him get up and approach me. Heput his arms around me and drew me close to him and said, "Don'tbe sorry, I want this just as much as you do, Andrew."I turned to him, somewhat puzzled and said, "But I thoughtyou didn't go for guys!""So did I, but spending the last few hours with you has mademe want to do this so badly I can't stand it, man." With that heplanted his mouth over mine and began kissing me, lightly atfirst and then deeply, searching my mouth with his tongue as ifon a life-threatening quest. We kissed for several longdelicious moments until we were both shaking.I stepped back for a second and he turned his back to me,unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. He dropped his shirt in thesand and kicked his shoes off. Then, still with his back to me,he dropped his shorts revealing that he was not wearingunderwear. I looked at him standing there in the moonlight, andwas awestruck. This man was god-like! If Michaelangelo had amodel for his "David," this would have been him: strong muscularlegs and thighs, rich full arms, incredibly manly hands and feet,and tight round buttocks.He stood there for several minutes, as if not knowing whatto do. I walked up to his back and knelt down behind him,grabbing his asscheeks in my hands. I pushed my nose into hiscrack and inhaled deeply, enjoying the manly scent emmanatingfrom his body. I pulled his cheeks apart and stuck the tip of mytongue to his rosebud. I pulled Lolita Stories it off quickly and repeated thisaction, poking my tongue in and out of his hot little hole untilhe was moaning.I flipped him around and saw his cock for the first time.It was long, thick and hard, sticking out of his dark pubic bushdefiantly. I licked the head slowly and teasingly, drawinglittle whimpers and moans from him as my tongue glided back andforth. I took his cock in my hand and rammed it slowly down mythroat, drinking him in and loving the feel of my tongue runningdown the length of it as I swallowed him.He grabbed my head and pushed and pulled it on and off hiscock. I could tell he was close, and withdrew, gasping forbreath. I stood and quickly shed my clothes joining him innakedness.We embraced awkwardly at first, our thick turgid cockspressed between us as we kissed deeply. We ran our arms up anddown each other's backs, and explored each other as we did so.Our pelvises ground together causing our cocks to slide againsteach other deliciously. As we continued Lolita Stories to search each other'smouths with our tongues, the friction of our cocks caused them towiggle together, and soon we were spraying our loads between ourheaving bellies, tongues still battling to show our feelingstowards each other.With deep sighs, we pulled apart and laughed as we sawthe rivers of semen running down our chests and legs into thesand. We rubbed our hands on each other, cleaning up a bit andlet each other taste the combined loads from our fingertips. Wekissed again, deeply, and sat down in the sand, fondling eachother and quietly sharing the moment.A slight mist began to fall, and we dressed each otherleisurely, kissing and touching as we went, until the mist becamerain and we began walking, arm in arm, back to the dorm.Arriving there, we went to my room and continued ourlovemaking well into the next morning. By morning, I hadconvinced him that male-male sex was the only way to go. Ourcocks and asses were happy, but sore.
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